Monday, January 8, 2018

K-2 Help Hansel and Gretel Rehabilitate the Witch!

Once our K-2 students heard the story of Hansel and Gretel they quickly decided that the witch needed to be taught a lesson about what it was like to be a "PAWS"itive member of OQS! We needed to design a trap that would capture, but not harm, the witch so she could be taught how to be kind and caring. After all, don't we all have goodness inside of us? We just needed to help her find her kind heart!
We started by drawing our design thoughts on our wipe off tables. There were so many great ideas!



After spending time building and testing, it was time to put our designs to the test. Would they work? Did they meet the strict size specifications? We gathered around to watch.

Lastly, we gathered together to reflect on our task and the process. We asked each grade level to think about what went well during the process, what challenges they had and how did they overcome them.
Mrs. Newton took notes...

When asked how they overcame the design challenges, many students responded with...
"I just kept trying."
"I thought about how to do it a different way."
"I asked a friend for help."
"I used perseverence!"
"I changed the whole idea."

Wow! We really are using our growth mindsets! Way to go K-2 students!

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