Thursday, June 7, 2018

STEAM wraps up in a "Passionate" Way

Our last unit this year had students think about and focus on what really matters to them, what they are passionate about. Ms. Carlock started us out with a discussion about what it means to have a passion for something.

Then we posed the following question; If you could learn about anything you wanted, what would you learn about? They wrote and drew about some of the things they were interested in.


 We put them into squads with an adult team leader to help them talk with each other about their passions and what they could investigate in more detail.


Then they decided on one passion to explore and research in depth. Every student added their chosen passion on our "wonder wall".


Students got right to work enthusiastically resreaching their topics using books from the library and the internet.



In the end we gathered some materials for them and sent them home with bags full of stuff to help them continue to explore their passions over a "steam"y summer!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

OQS STEAM Engineers Tackle the Earth Day Challenge

Students began this challenge by using a tool called the Innovator's Compass. This is a tool we learned recently as a result of attending the Deeper Learning Conference in San Diego, California. Students first think and talk about their observations; what they see around them in the world that could potentially be a problem. Then they think and talk about what really matters to them; their principles. From there they come up with ideas to help solve one of the problems they want to focus on; something that connects what matters to them to something they are observing is a problem in the world.

The next step in this process was to begin to ideate by drawing and sketching some of the ideas they had. As they drew their ideas they had time and opportunity to discuss ideas with their table mates getting feedback and adding onto each other's ideas.

Then it was time to put all of their great thinking to work! It was time to BUILD, REVISE, and BUILD some more!

Our last day was presenting our projects and explaining what they made and why they made it using Flipgrid. Students thought about their original ideas and principles they used to come up with their idea.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Shape Shift: Perspective

K-2 read Shape Shift by Joyce Hesselberth with Mrs. Whitney to talk about perspective, and how two people can look at the same shapes and see two different things.  

They would partner up and ask their friend, What did you see?  And they would discuss their similarities and differences.

Students then went over to tables where different shapes were cut out of different materials and fabrics, and together they created two different pictures using the same shapes.

Finally, they put their shapes on cardstock and created scenes and descriptive sentences to present their Shape Shift Scenes.

They presented them at STEAM and they were on display for the school art show.  What a blast putting the A and M in STEAM for the whole school community to see!