Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Engineering Fairy Tale Solutions

Today K-2 began their unit on engineering fairy tale solutions which we will be working on into the new year.  Our first challenge is to create a way for Rapunzel to escape from her tower.  We began by brainstorming answers to the question, "How would you feel if you were stuck?"  Some of the students' answers were hopeless, sad, angry, bored, and frustrated. Then Mrs. Newton read a rousing rendition of the Caldecott Award-winning fairy tale Rapunzel, by Paul O. Zelinsky.

The students were enraptured!

After the read-aloud, we introduced the challenge to the students: engineer a way for Rapunzel to escape from her tower.  They students were eager to begin planning, especially when they heard that they were able to draft their plan on the new dry erase library tables!


After 60 seconds of doodling (because of course, they needed a chance to doodle), they began to draft a solution to this engineering problem.  They were also able to peruse the materials that will be available to them next week when they begin to build.

Stay tuned until the next STEAM time after Thanksgiving to see how the many ways our students solve this problem!

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